BSUIR Conferences 

Every year BSUIR holds scientific and technical conferences and seminars dedicated to the topics of nano-technologies, prospective display technologies, information processing and protection, medical electronics and informational technologies in education.


Conferences in 2018

International Conference «Open Sematic Technologies for Modelling of Intellectual Systems (OSTIS)» 

 16-18 February

 e-mail:,   Tel.: (+375 17) 293-23-24, 293-80-92

International Scientific and Technical Conference «Automated Systems for Technological Processes Control in Nuclear and Thermal Power Plants» 

February,   Tel.: (+375 17) 293-89-47

VIII International Open BSUIR Championship in Competitive Programming 

March - April, Tel.: (+375 17) 293-85-50, 293-88-40

International Specialised Conference «Problems of IT-Based Increase in Educational Process Effectiveness» 


 e-mail:,   Tel.: (+375 17) 293-23-14, 292-23-42

The 54th Scientific and Technical Conference for BSUIR First-Level, Master and OhD Students


 e-mail:,   Tel.: (+375 17) 293-84-10, 292-96-28

International Scientific and Technical Conference «Big Data and Advanced Analytics» 


 e-mail:,   Tel.: (+375 17) 293-85-44, 292-88-24

XV Belarusian-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference «Information Security Technology» 


 e-mail:,   Tel.: (+375 17) 293-89-39, 292-89-38

International Scientific Conference «Information Technologies and Systems»  


 e-mail:,   Tel.: (+375 17) 293-23-46, 292-23-23

Student Competition in IT Field «BIT-Cup 2018»  

October - November

 e-mail:, Tel.: (+375 17) 293-85-50, 293-88-40

International Scientific and Methodical Conference «Higher Technical Education: Problems and Ways of Development»


e-mail:, Tel.: (+375 17) 293-45-11, 293-85-11

XI International Scientific and Technical Conference «Facilities of Medical Electronics and Novel Medical technologies - MedElectronics-2018»


e-mail:, Tel.: (+375 17) 293-86-08

International scientific and technical seminar «Telecommunications: networks and technologies, algebraic coding and data security»  

during the course of a year

 e-mail:,   Tel.: (+375 17) 293-23-19, 293-86-20