Minsk Radio Engineering Institute (MREI) was founded on March 15, 1964 by a Decree of the Council of Ministers of BSSR. Its scientific activity was held in the framework of the Scientific Research Sector (SRS) under the direct management of the Vice Rector for Research and Development.
In the period from 1966 through 1979, Vice Rectors for Research and Development were in charge for the management of scientific divisions Mstislav G. Morozov (1966 1967), Stanislav S. Shushkevich (1967 1971), Valery O. Chernyshev (1971 1974), Stepan V. Lukyanets (1974 1979).

Initially the focus was made on the following three research areas:

  • Optimization of components used in wireless devices;
  • Microelectronics;
  • Historical, economic and sociological issues in expansion of radio engineering industry.

First business contracts were concluded in 1966. Their implementation resulted in introduction of the achievements in the republican economy. Inventive activity was progressing successfully: the first application for an invention was filed in 1967, and the USSR certificate of authorship No. 228072 Transit-flop (authors Kluev L.L., Shpota S.D., Karpushkin E.M.) was obtained. By 1970 several pilot projects had been finished with their results later presented at the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements and awarded with medals and diplomas.

The volume and number of running commercial contracts for the benefit of the industrial enterprises of the USSR and BSSR began to increase rapidly by the mid-70s.

In 1976, the research area expanded significantly and included seven fields:

  • electromagnetic compatibility
  • integrated circuitry in radio receivers;
  • electrolytic and plasma processes in microelectronics;
  • optimization of radio equipment design parameters considering operational impacts;
  • research and design of special-application computers;
  • issues of ACS construction and methods for System Studies;
  • study of nonlinear and non-stationary automatic systems.

In 1979, Valentin V. Muraviev, now a doctor of technical sciences, professor, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, became the Head of SRS. He has been acting in this position until March, 2004.


1987 became a landmark in the history of the establishment and development of research and scientific activities in our institution. On the basis of socialist competition in the field of research and training MREI was acknowledged as one of the leading universities in the Soviet Union. In the same year the SRS was transformed into the Research and Development Department (R&D).
The late 80s evidenced the efforts aimed at reorienting the research previously devoted to specific topics, to solving economic and environmental problems of the country. Active efforts are under way to find the sources of funding and to increase the volume of fundamental, prediscovery and applied research.

In 1988 MREI came into the international market in the field of education and science. Previously, this type of co-operation was impossible due to the special status of the institution (closed for foreigners), where over 70% of the research was carried out for the benefit of the defence industry. Foreign delegations began to frequently visit the institution, the number of agreements on scientific and technical cooperation increased dramatically. Exchange of information, mutual research internships, participation in international conferences and seminars were implemented in the framework of those agreements. It became possible to represent the areas of research and development of our institution abroad.

The following years the export volume of scientific and technical products and services to foreign high-technology markets has been increasing. The geography of sales expanded significantly.

1993 The Decree of the Belarus Council of Ministers N 786 dated November 16, 1993 the Minsk Radio Engineering Institute was reorganized into the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR).

Along with the organizations of China and India, with which the first international contracts were concluded in 1994 and 1997 correspondingly, trade and economic partners include scientific and technical organizations and companies from Korea, Libya, Germany, Italy, Poland, USA, Slovakia, Russia Ukraine, Armenia.

Present Time

Since 2004, the Head of R&D was Vice Rector for Research and Development, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Alexandr P. Kuznezov, who continued the adopted strategy of research and innovation activity development.

Since September 2016 Research and Development Department is headed Ph.D., Associate Professor Anatoly N. Osipov.

Today R&D Department offers a high scientific and technological potential, being equipped with the advanced research facilities and state-of-the-art experimental equipment that help providing comprehensive research in strategic fields and ensuring high quality of research and development projects.

Today there are 37research laboratories and groups and 10 scientific centers involved in research in 11 scientific areas.

The innovative research activities conducted at BSUIR corresponds to the priority areas of scientific and technological development of the country. More than 350 scientific projects as assigned by the state programs, the Foundation for Fundamental Research, Belarus Ministry of Education, business contracts with industrial enterprises and organizations are conducted annually.
The University scientists have received more than 3000 certificates of authorship and patents on inventions and utility models. According to the results of research efforts, the University scientists and their achievements are annually awarded with diplomas of prestigious international and national exhibitions and competitions.