BSUIR holds the discussion on education for people with special needs

From 14 till 15 of December BSUIR held a conference on "Lifelong professional learning for people with special needs". Our University and UNESCO faculty from the Institute of Informational Technologies organized the conference together with the Ministry of Education of Belarus and National Commission of the Republic of Belarus for UNESCO.
The University has 15 years of experience of practicing personal approach to the students with special needs, implementing innovations into the educational process. The University uses various methods and approaches to education: using Braille for posters on language learning and special applications - some of which were developed at BSUIR.
Deputy director for the Institute of Informational Technologies Aleksei Okhrimenko noted that informing the target audience of available possibilities is a part of the University’s tasks.
"We are not idle in waiting for people to find the needed information on their own. This is why we go to the universities, schools, organizations which work with the special needs people and we find those, who are interested in our help and we try to adjust our educational programmes according to them."


At the open ceremony the participants were greeted by First Vice-Rector of BSUIR Mr Sergey Dzik. Mr Dzik passed greetings from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, chair of the Commission of the Republic of Belarus to UNESCO, Mr Vladimir Makei.
"We understand that lifelong professional learning gives unprecedented opportunities for everybody and even more for people with special needs. Apart from the stimulus for discovering the potential, professional education also means finding the vital opportunity to contribute to the development of our country, feeling oneself as a fully-engaged member of the society. I am sure, that this conference will give an opportunity to exchange new ideas and get acknowledged with the advanced developments and successful work experience in the sphere of professional education for people with special needs", - addressed Mr Makei.

BSUIR conference

The guests and the participants of the conference were also greeted by the director of the Institute of Informational Technologies of BSUIR, chair of the UNESCO faculty, Mr Valeriy Nazarenko. The opening ceremony was concluded with Christmas songs performed by the inclusive choir "Radost’ Dushi" (Soul Joy), the members of which include children with eyesight disabilities.

Conference in BSUIR

The topics, discussed at the conference included innovative educational programmes, which provide equal access to knowledge and information, the problems of inclusion in professional education and other topical issues.
The speakers of the conference included the heads of startup projects for special needs people, trainer of specialized online project "U Sovy" Alexandr Makarchuk, head of republican association for wheelchair users Sergei Drozdovskij. Thanks to his consultations, the front entrances, ramps and elevators of the Institute of Informational Technologies of BSUIR were designed according to the rules of barrier-free environment.
The conference was visited by the student participants of specialized courses such as Alexandr Antonov of Institute of Infromationl Technologies, student of Informatics Academy for schoolchildren Rostislav Makovetskij who both presented Belarus at the championship for professional crafts for people with special needs "Abilympics" in Moscow. Alexandr and Rostislav competed in the sections "Network and system administration" and "Web-design and development".


The opening ceremony also saw the champion in wheelchair dancing Alesia Alekhnovich and the only champion in wheelchair power lifting in Belarus - Anna Krichko.
The guests and participants were able to visit exhibition "Radionostalgia" with retro specimens of audio and video devices. The conference also included coffee break with refreshments.
For more information on the conference "Lifelong professional education for people with special needs" watch the MolTV video below.

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