Research areas

BSUIR accomplishes its research and development activities following the priority guidelines for the scientific and technological practices and scientific research in the Republic of Belarus.

Development of science, technological expansion and promotion of advanced technologies through scientific research and other scientific activities of the academic personnel and students, and training of highly qualified academic staff are among our major goals.

The R&D Department of the University carries on its research activities in the framework of 11 top-priority scientific fields. The number of the scientific staff is over 250 persons. R&D laboratories and centers, carrying on both fundamental and applied research, completing research and development projects, designing and manufacturing high-tech and science intensive products, ready for commercial realization, are devoted to each of the priority scientific fields.

International cooperation intensifies rapidly, facilitated by the participation of the scientists from the R&D Department in the international programs and projects:

  • EU’s 7th Framework Program (INCO, PEOPLE).
  • Common State projects (COMPOMATH, Monitoring – CS, Nanotechnology CS).
  • International Science and Technology Center.
  • National Center for Scientific Research, France (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique).
  • German Scientific Society (DFG).
  • World Federation of Scientific Workers.
  • German Service of Academic Exchanges DAAD.
  • International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE).