• Silicon and germanium nanostructures and their application
  • Nanostructured oxides of valve metals and their application for photocatalysis
  • Spintronics and quantum computing
  • Semiconductor compounds for optoelectronics and photovoltaics
  • SPM-based studies and nanotechnologies


2020 – 2022 PROJECTS

Scientific and technical projects are carried out within the framework of international and national programs, including jointly with partners.

1. Contact phenomena and transfer of charge carriers in two-dimensional crystals.

2. Features of band energy structure and optical properties of calcium silicide epitaxial films on silicon: from semiconductors to semimetals and metals.

3. Electronic and optical properties of nanostructures based on graphite-like carbon nitride for photocatalytic and optoelectronic applications.

4. Influence of surface atoms on the magnetism of epitaxially grown silicides.

5. Development of photocatalytic coatings based on metal oxides for water purification from organic pollution.

including, laboratory staff participation in the national programs:

- National research programmes «Crystalline and molecular structures», «Electronics», «Nanotech»
- National programme of oriented fundamental research «High-power nuclear and radiation technologies»
- National research programme «Functional materials and materials for mechanical engineering, nanomaterials», «Electronics and photonics», «Convergence»
- National science and technology programme «Industrial biotechnologies»



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