• Formation and research of nanostructural characteristics of modified anodic oxide valve metals (Al, Ta, Nb, Zr) and other compositions
  • Blueprint formation based on porous Al anodic oxide () for filling pores with semi-conducting, magnetic, carbon and bio-sensitive materials
  • Use of metallic, semi-conducting, oxide structures as functional elements for micro-, nano-, optoelectronics and micromechanics
  • Controllable directed synthesis of novel functional materials and coatings based on anodic oxides of Al and transition metals, of metallic, metal-oxide and semiconductor nano-structures, as well as study of the formation and growth mechanisms, structure and physico-chemical properties, and structure-property relationship
  • Development of electrochemical growth processes for the thin-film components and structures based on nanostructured materials for micro- and nanoelectronics, micro- and nanomechanics, optoelectronics and membrane technology
  • Development, study and functionalisation of nanostructured modified forms of anodic valve metal oxides in the compositions of various thin films;design on their basis of functional components and systems for micro-, nano-, optoelectronics and micromechanics



  • Nanoporous substrates and membranes based on anodic Al oxide for high-sensitivity micropower chemical sensors
  • Thin-film micropower chemical sensors used to control minimal concentrations of toxic gases in the processing medium and natural environment; humidity sensors and other micromechanical systems
  • Matrices of field-type radiation cathodes based on arrays of vertically-oriented metallic, carbon or semiconductor nanostructures in anodic Al oxide matrices, as well as based on field-type radiation components
  • Nanostructured materials for advanced thermoelectric devices based on quantum indium antimonide wires
  • Matrices of field-emission cathodes of columellar arrays of metal-oxide niobic nanostructures
  • High-frequency planar inductance-capacitance components for hybrid integrated circuits
  • Thin-film high-ohmic precision resistors for hybrid integred circuits
  • Nanoporous anodic-oxide separators for reusable lithium power supply sources
  • Arrays of metallic nanowires obtained in modified matrices of anodic Al oxide
  • Technology of positioned micron and submicron spacers of anodic aluminum oxide for LCD displays
  • Technology of double-layer planar aluminum metallisation for semiconductor and hybrid integrated circuits


2020 – 2022 PROJECTS

Scientific and technical projects are carried out within the framework of international and national programs, including jointly with partners.

1. Formation of spatially ordered matrices based on the nanostructured metal oxides and transition metal sulfates for advanced sensor and photovoltaic devices.

2. High-efficient photodetectors based on arrays of niobium oxide nanowires.

3. Creation of new strengthening nanostructured materials based on oxides of aluminum and tantalum.



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