• growing of bulk single crystals of I BIII CVI2 type compounds (where I — u, Ag; BIII – Al, Ga, In; CVI2 – S, Se, Te):AII BIII CVI4 (AII – Mn, Fe; BIII – Ga, In; CVI4 – S, Se, Te);  I2 BII CIV DVI4 (I – Cu, Ag; BII -Zn; CIV -Ge, Sn; DVI –S, Se) from the melt (Bridgeman and Bridgeman-Stockbarger methods) and from the gas phase (chemical gas-transfer method);
  • Study of optical, electrical, thermal and magnetic properties of bulk single crystals of compounds.


2020 – 2023 PROJECTS

Scientific and technical projects are carried out within the framework of international and national programs, including jointly with partners.

1. Single crystals growing of In2S3, and AgIn5S8 compounds and solid solutions (In2S3)1-x(AgIn5S8)x: structural, optical, and electrical properties study.

2. Predicting the operational reliability of powerful semiconductor devices using machine learning methods and algorithms.

3. Statistical models of applied software reliability and their use for estimating the expected faut-free operation of computer programs at the early stages of their development.

4. Synthesis, structural and physical properties of AgIn5S8-In2S3 semiconductor materials.

5. Structural and thermophysical properties of semiconductor solid solutions (FeIn2S4)1-x?(In2S3)x for promising microelectronic elements.
6. Formation and Physical Characteristics of Indium Sulphide (In2S3) and Cadmium Sulphide (CdS) Thin Films for Optoelectronic Devices.
7. Development of optimal temperature regimes for growing single crystals of Cu2ZnGeS4, Cu2ZnGeSe4 compounds and Cu2ZnGe(SxSe1-x)4 solid solutions and determining their composition and crystal structure.


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