Speech protection device «Priboi-R» is used for speech information protection from leakage through acoustic and vibration channels from rooms, outside the protected area.

The device is an automatically controlled source of acoustic noise excitations and vibrations which mask speech in the building and in other possible acoustic channels of information leakage (depending on the level of the speech signal in the protected area/room).



Frequency range of masking «white noise» + «speech-like signals», Hz                                                                                                                                                125...8000
Correlation between «white noise» + «speech-like signals», dB 0, +3, +6
Range of reproduced frequencies of vibration converter, Hz 125...8000
Range of reproduced frequencies of acoustic converter, Hz 125...8000
Output power of the acoustic channel, W, no less than 15
Output power for any of the three vibration channels, pcs., no less than 6
Number of connected vibration converters for each channel, pcs., no less than 30
Number of connected acoustic converters, pcs., no less than 10
Sensitivity of external microphone in the frequency range from 200 to 4000 Hz
with built-in amplifier, V/Pa, no less than

Power supply comes from AC with voltage of 220 V with permissible variation from +10 up to -15% of  the nominal value and with frequency (50 ± 1) Hz.



  • the device forms masking signals of «white noise», «speech-like signals», «white noise» + «speech-like signals», which provide closure of possible information leakage channels
  • «speech-like signals» are formed by microprocessor according to the random law and correspond to all of the formal qualities of speech (presence of formant signal characteristics, frequency of the main tone, equal to the frequency of the main tone of the masking speech, pauses between words) and can be adapted for a certain person



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