• Design of problem-oriented real-time computer aids for digital signal processing, in particular, for speech and audio signal processing; as well as for image compression based on multipass wavelet decomposition, para-unitary filter bank and quaternion algebra 
  • Development of the theory of digital filter bank synthesis and its rapid prototyping techniques for further application in hearing devices
  • Development of image compression methods based on lossy-to-lossless (L2L) principle enabling either lossy or lossless compression
  • Development of separable and non-separable transform methods for digital image processing solutions
  • Design of heterogeneous problem-oriented multiprocessor real-time systems based on MPSoC and FPSoC
  • Development of deep-learning methods for multimedia data compression and recognition solutions
  • Creating of scientific foundations for anthropomorphic analysis and parametric presentation of speech signal in the form of quasi-periodic and stochastic components in order to obtain specific time- and frequency-localized signal description related to the physical process of speech-formation; thus, it could be easily interpreted in the terms of the basic prosodic parameters and could help find new solutions for the designing of low-rate vocoders and noise-suppression systems in the speech signal flow, as well as obtain more efficient solutions for speech recognition and speaker identification
  • Development of systematic and mathematic approaches for representation, synthesis and implementation of dynamically reconfigurable real-time processors for multimedia systems, in particular, synthesis of virtually implemented operators for dynamic transformation of computational algorithm for discrete batch wavelet transformation to fit the given time-frequency plan
  • Crypto-accelerators based on FPGA and FPGA clusters



  • Mobile application ALS EXPERT
  • Application for a personal computer RITOR
  • Embedded hardware IP cores of decoder processor of the AVC/MPEG4 part 10 H.264 standard and of context-adaptive binary arithmetic CABAC coding decoder
  • Programme modules for JAVA multimedia data analyzer, IP cores of specialised processors executing various encryption algorithms and cryptographic hash functions



Belarus, Russia



Andrew Stankevich
Acting Head of the laboratory
Ph.D., Associate Professor
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