GIS-RF – specialized geo-informational technology for radio frequency planning and control, EMC analysis and design for complex terrestrially distributed radio systems and networks.



  • Subsystem for radio waves propagation (RWP) computation and Electromagnetic Environment (EME) simulation using ITU-R Recommendations (P - series).
  • Subsystem for computation of coverage areas, responsibility areas, interference / destruction areas and radio visibility areas for  radio transmitters and receivers.
  • Subsystem for EMC analysis and design of spatially distributed radio networks.
  • Subsystem of frequency planning and optimization of frequency assignments in spatially distributed radio networks.
  • Subsystem for visualization, registration and storage of calculation and modeling results.
  • Database of digital area maps.
  • Database of technical parameters and parameters of the spatial allocation of radio equipment.
  • Database of radio monitoring results.



  • GIS-RF technique is based on the use of ITU-R radio wave propagation models and EMC criteria.
  • GIS-RF realizations are the  specialized technologies and software tools created in accordance with specific requirements and technical specifications of the Customer.
  • GIS-RF versions are based on the universal GIS platforms and tools at the choice of the Customer (MapInfo, ArcGIS, Panorama, etc.) and can be implemented with the use of usual modern computers (PC, workstations, etc.).
  • GIS-RF versions are fully tested and  used successfully by our Customers for EMC/EMP analysis and design of HF, VHF, UHF, SHF, and EHF radio systems of different services (radiolocation, fixed and mobile communications, radionavigation, etc.).
  • GIS-RF versions are easy integrated with other technique for EMC design on system-level (DLA/DNA EMC, VTA EMC, etc.).



R&D Lab 1.7 "Electromagnetic compatibility of radio equipment"



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ADFTT / ADFTS – automated double-frequency test technique and system

DNA EMC – technology and software for non-linear behaviour simulation of radio-receiver operation in severe electromagnetic environment

EMC-Analyzer – specialized expert system for the analysis of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of radioelectronic equipment of complex local board and ground-based systems at all stages of life cycle: design, production, implementation, modernization

VTA EMC – technology and software & hardware complex (Virtual Testing Area) for EMC analysis of great number of terrestrially distributed radio systems of various radio services

EMSE – a technique for assessing the electromagnetic safety of the population and the electromagnetic ecology of the environment in conditions of mass use of cellular communications and wireless information services